3a2aEnergy Saving 

Our revolutionary inverter technology offers powerful yet silent performance while also greatly lowering energy consumption by as much as 60%. LG has taken energy efficiency to a whole new level with its inverter technology.

* Specifications may vary for each model.

* Depending on the experimental conditions.


Perfect Health Care

Perfect Health Care

Various filtration and Mosquito Away protect the users from all harmful substances including odor, bacteria, allergen, virus, micro-dust, and mosquitos.

* Specifications may vary for each model.
* Depending on the experimental conditions.


Antibacterial Air Filter

The Antibacterial Air Filter is the first line of defense, designed to initially capture dust particles over 10μm in size then eliminate finer particles, bacterias from various other sources.

Aircon Antibacterial Air Filter Small

Multi Protation Filter

The advanced technologies of 3M & LG remove harmful micro-particles including viruses, bacteria and allergens to provide a safer, healthier environment.

Aircon Multi Protection Custom

Low Noise 19dB

LG's unique outdoor fan and BLDC motor eliminates unnecessary noise and allows smooth operation. Additionally, night silence mode can make more silent environment for you.



BLDC Compressor

The LG InverterV air conditioner comes with a BLDC compressor that uses a strong neodymium magnet. It's compressor thus has improved efficiency compared with an AC inverter

Minimizes Oil Circulation with an Oil-Separator system
  • Reliability second at high speed
  • Efficiency incresed at low speeds
Maximizes Motor Efficiency
  • Concentrate & distribute
  • Increase EER lower loads
Minimizes Compression loss



Rest easy, Breathe easy


The powerful plasma lonizer protects you from odors and harmful
substances in the air with over 3 million ions to sterilize not only
the air passing through the air conditioner, but also surrounding
surfaces for a safer, cleaner environment.

* Specifications may vary for each model


Tech Specs