By utilizing a variable speed compressor rather than a fixed speed compressor, the cooling capacity of the LG inverter system can be varied to suit indoor conditions.


BLDC Compressor

The LG inverterV air conditioner comes with a BLDC compressor that uses a strong neodymium magnet. Its compressor thus has improved efficiency compared with an AC inverter.


compressor1Minimizes Oil Circulation with an Oil-Separator system
  • Reliability second at high speed
  • Efficiency incresed at low speeds
Maximizes Motor Efficiency
  • Concentrate & distribute
  • Increase EER lower loads
Minimizes Compression loss
BLDC Fan Motorconductor

The BLDC Fan motor, which isaaaaa specifically adapted to work with the LG InverterV, makes quiet cooling possible compared to conventional AC/DC motors. In addition, precise speed control provides 13 different steps for 

smoother operation.

Torque Control

Delicate torque control enables the compressor to operate at minimum hertz levels of 35Hz and below, which minimizes noise and vibration while increasing energy efficiency.

M Model

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